Python Programming

What students learn in this course

In the Level 1 Python Course, we’ll go through the fundamentals of logical thinking in this introductory course. Our personalized, project based curriculum allows students to develop a foundation and love for computer science! The final project is to create an RPG (role-playing game) with a range of different characters that students can share with friends, family, and the world as well as place on their portfolio.

What students love about this course

Students love our project based curriculum. By the end of the 8 class course, students will have portfolio of projects that they can share with family, friends, and the world. We give students access to project walkthroughs, concept videos, and unparalleled support to guide them along their computer science journey. Our top notch, passionate instructors make classes feel like fun by engaging students every step of the way.

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Class concepts you'll learn:
✔ Data Types (Numbers, Strings, Booleans)
✔ Functions, Returns and Parameters
✔ If/Else/Elif and Logical/Relational Operators
✔ Error Handling
✔ For and While Loops
✔ Data Structures (Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Sets)
✔ Classes and Objects
"My son really enjoyed the class. It was interactive and taught in a creative manner that engages the kids."
M. B.
Parent of Python Class

What are the dates/times?

Parent/student chooses set class time. Need to reschedule a class - just let us know the day before. No questions asked.

What happens in each class?

In each class students learn key concepts, solve challenging problems, do code-alongs, and end with a project. In class we emphasize learn by doing to ensure students are engaged and learning.

Who teaches the class? only hires top grad and undergrad students studying computer science or related fields at accredited US based colleges.

How long is the course?

The Python programming course made up of 8, one-hour, classes. Students can choose how frequently classes occur.

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