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World Class Mentors

Our mentors are from top universities like Caltech, UC Berkeley, UIUC and UW - Seattle and have industry experience from top companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Trained and certified to provide world class mentorship and support..

Personalized Projects

Our mentors work with students to create projects tailored towards students interests and what they wish to build. Mentors will provide a clear roadmap and instruction on how to achieve student goals.

On Demand Support

Mentors are available around the clock for help and debugging, encouragement, and guidance. Students also meet with mentors via video call 2x / month to discuss projects, goals, etc.

Here's How to Start makes it easy for students to recieve a mentor and start coding!

1. Schedule a free consultation

Tell us your experience, interests, and any ideas on what you hope to build
Schedule Consultation!

2. Recieve a mentor

Get paired with a mentor. Discuss and plan your goals. Mentor will create a personalized roadmap for you.

3. Constant Communication

Mentors will keep students on track to complete their goals and help out in any way possible. Parent also receives updates on student progress.

4. Achieve your goals

Meet with mentors via video call 2x / month and 24/7 via message. Mentors provide guidance and help to finish your project(s).


  • How much does the mentorship cost?

    Mentorship costs $99 / month. You'll love having a world-class mentor on your side. If you're not thrilled with your first month, we'll give you a full refund.

  • What will my child build?

    It depends on student experience and interest. In the past, we have had students interested in building machine learning image classification, real time chat/video app, twitter bot, and stock prediction algorithms. The possibilities are endless!

  • Does my child need to have computer science experience?

    Yes, some basic computer science skills are needed. Typically our students will have completed a python or java class before joining the mentorship program. If your students need refreshing on skills, we recomend taking the Python 1 or 2 course.

  • How do I sign up?

    Schedule a free consultation here to get started!

  • I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

    Send an email to or call us at ‪(415) 562-5221‬.


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