We're building a world where anyone, anywhere, can receive a computer science education

As students, we weren’t satisfied with the state of online computer science classes. Traditional online classes are unengaging and focused on syntax instead of the creative, problem solving mindset that computer science is truly about.

As founders, we set out to bring the best parts of the classroom and transform it into a digital experience for students around the world. There’s no back row in online classes. We cap our classes at five students per class. We give our students access to a community of mentors and experts that inspire them to do more.

Join us on our journey to disrupt computer science education.

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Sameer Kapur


Saurav Pahadia


Keshav Saharia


Rasul Safa


Sameer and Saurav taught close to 1,000 students in their previous venture, Future Engineers Camp, offering STEM summer camps across the Bay Area. After selling Future Engineers Camp, they knew they wanted to stay in the education space. Upon talking to hundreds of parents and students, they discovered a gap in the market and an opportunity to reinvent online classes.

Our Philosophy
We’ve always believed that computer science should be taught in a way that highlights the fundamentals and mindset of being a computer scientist. Students should be exposed to the end goal and how the concepts they are learning can lead to something great. It our mission to support students at any part of their computer science journey and propel them to new heights by providing them the tools they need to succeed.