We're building a world where anyone, anywhere, can receive a computer science education

As students, we weren’t satisfied with the state of online computer science classes. Traditional online classes are unengaging and focused on syntax instead of the creative, problem solving mindset that computer science is truly about.

As founders, we set out to bring the best parts of the classroom and transform it into a digital experience for students around the world. There’s no back row in online classes. We give our students access to a community of mentors and experts that inspire them to do more.

Join us on our journey to disrupt computer science education.

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Sameer Kapur


Saurav Pahadia


Keshav Saharia


Rasul Safa


A brief history of hour started

Founders Saurav and Sameer met when they were just 14 years old. Shortly after meeting, the two started working on Future Engineers Camp together. Future Engineers Camp provided week long STEM summer camps for younger students.

Throughout the course of 5 years, the team grew Future Engineers Camp to 6 different locations with over 1000 students reached in total. After selling Future Engineers Camp to another set of amazing high schoolers, Sameer and Saurav set their eyes on their next endeavor - providing an amazing, online Computer Science education to students everywhere.

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Saurav and Sameer meet in high school


Founded Future Engineers Camp & taught first 15 students out of a garage


Moved to new location, taught 50 students


Reached over 200 students, more CS courses offered


Partnered with Safari Kid & taught at 6 lcoations with 500+ students


Sold Future Engineers Camp. Started ideation + research on online education.

2018 incorporated & journey to solve accessibility beings!


Beta launched!


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