Our Instructors

We only hire top-notch and passionate grad and undergrad students pursuing computer science related fields in an accredited university.


Instead of solely focusing on overbearing syntax, our instructors teach students the creative, problem solving mindset that computer science is truly about. Our modular computer science curriculum spans across virtually all languages and allows students to develop a strong base.

Student Engagement

Our instructors engage students by fostering a professional relationship with students. Students are able to ask questions about curriculum at any time, before, during, or after class, to instructors. Coming soon: a digital point system that allows student to level up based on their engagement.

Mentorship & Support

Teacher.ly students receive access to a world of mentorship and support. Need help on a personal project? Ask a Teacher.ly mentor. Want to know about other opportunities in the realm of computer science? Ask an instructor. Sign up for a class and join our community.


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